Anastasia: “If the pipeline breaks you can’t do anything about it.”

Dear Assistant Secretary Darcy & The Army Corps of Engineers,

I am a youth from the teen center of the Boys and Girls Club on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. My name is Anastasia White Mountain and I’m 16 years old. I’m from Bismarck, ND originally from Eagle Butte, SD and live in McLaughlin, SD.

I have a heart for running and playing basketball. In the summer I dance at the powwows and participate in community activities.

I am writing this letter from preventing the XL pipeline from being build.

It’s important by helping people grow food and most important for the people and animals. You need it for everything. In general people need it to survive.

A lot of thing could go wrong. Like, if farmers don’t have water, they aren’t going to be able to grow crops. People won’t be getting food. Everything would change.

I would say don’t do it. If the pipeline breaks you can’t do anything about it. Your soils no good and your water would be no good. You’re just making more problems for our community.

That hopefully this pipeline will not be built for the safety of this community. Our water isn’t the best, we don’t’ need it to be worse.

Anastasia White Mountain

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