Brashel: “The oil might leak and we won’t be able to drink the water.”

March 30, 2016

Dear Jo-Ellen Darcy & The Army Corps of Engineers,

My name is Brashel. I live in Cannon Ball,ND. I have lived in Cannon Ball my whole life. My hobbies are hanging out with my friends and family. I’m writing the letter because I am against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

I am going against the Dakota Access Pipeline because I do not want our water to be dirty. Water is a very important resource. It is important because we use it every day in our lives. If we don’t have water it will affect us all.

I would not like the workers or people who are building the pipeline to build it. The oil might leak and cause our water to be dirty. We won’t be able to drink the water. I hope this helps people think about not putting the pipeline on our reservation.



Solen School Student

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