Elliott: “I need it, we need it, all of us need it.”

March 30, 2016

Dear Jo-Ellen Darcy & The Army Corps of Engineers,

My name Elliott Reid Thunder Hawk. I am fourteen years old and I live on the Standing Rock Reservation. The special thing about me is that every Monday and Thursday I watch WWE because I like wrestling and I like basketball. The reason why I like these things because they are entertaining to do and watch. I’m writing this letter because I care about our land we, all Indians, need this land to stay healthy.

Water is so important to me because I need it, we need it, all of us need it and so do you. What might happen if the pipeline breaks? It will affect our reservation, rivers, land will be destroyed they will do nothing to repair it.

I would like the people that build the pipeline to do their best. You guys can’t let it break because we all care about our reservation. This letter will cause agreement because a lot of us don’t want to let the pipeline oil spill. We don’t want the pipeline to break.


Elliott Reid Thunder Hawk

Solen school student

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