Tomi: “We use water every day for a lot of things”

Dear Jo-Ellen Darcy & The Army Corps of Engineers,

Hello my name is Tomi. I am from Kenel, South Dakota, but I go to Solen High School. I am writing this letter because I am protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline. I live in Cannonball.

If you are thinking of putting this pipeline down, then you are endangering a very large amount animals and even humans. What will happen if there is a large crack in the pipe and a very big amount of oil spills out? The answer is, there will be too much oil that spilled that it can get in the water and animals will die. Do you think that putting down a pipeline that can break and make all sorts of animals suffer is the best idea?

Our water is very important to all of us, even the people that are building the Dakota Access Pipeline. I hope that you will take this letter to mind. I seriously hope that you are now thinking of NOT putting down the pipeline.


Tomi Levering

Solen School Student

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