Tribal Members Ask Army Corps to Deny Permit for Dakota Access Pipeline

By Ben Smith, Reporter

The Dakota access pipeline is just a few weeks away from beginning construction.

The 1100 mile pipeline would carry Bakken crude oil through 4 states including North and South Dakota.

Today over 200 people came to Mobridge to speak out against the project.

Ben Smith was there.

“This is a call for genocide, against my people, against your people. And we are not going to stand idly by and let this happen,” says Joye Braun, Cheyenne River

“We’re here in stance against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Standing Rock Sioux Tribe opposes the permitting process for Dakota Access Pipeline with the Army Corps of Engineers. So today’s meeting was with Col. John Henderson to express to him our community members concern concerns about the placement of the pipeline. We’re here to try to protect our water,” says Allyson Two Bears, Standing Rock

“If it’s built, all of this water will be contaminated with oil,” says Kinlee Ironroad

“Pipelines of course we know will have several impacts on the environment so we’re asking for the U.S. Army Corps to take a full and complete look at the environmental assessment. We do have our legal staff…working on the opposition of Dakota Access Pipeline,” says Two Bears

“There is a significant dispute about wether the surveys that the Corps. of Engineers has conducted, comply with the requirements especially as it relates to obtaining tribal input into the identification and evaluation of historic sites,” says Standing Rock Attorney Peter Capossela

“We’re approximately about May 15th is when they’re looking at approval for this…That’s when we will step forward with the legal process and potentially be suing the US Army Core of Engineers.”

Col. Henderson says the corps of engineers share the concerns of Standing Rock members.

He says they will consider their comments in making the final decision, which should come in May.

From KXNews

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